Story of a passionate breeder

The history of the BON APPETIT brand is intimately linked to the personal history of Olivier Schimpf. Fascinated by Siberian huskies, he devoted all his free time to dog sports as a breeder and musher. As a passionate breeder, he has acquired in a few years a solid reputation worldwide and has obtained incredible results in a very short time. His travels with his dogs have taken him all over Europe and even to the northern hemisphere.

Over 200 championship titles, including international, world and European champions, have been won by his dogs and those of his kennel. In 2008, the famous American magazine “Siberian USA” elected Olivier as “Breeder of the Year 2008”, the highest distinction in the world of breeders. Some breeders have purchased his dogs to improve their breeding program, to help in the selection of their breed or even to start their own kennel.

Our mission for dogs’ health

Olivier practices sledding with his dogs, this activity is essential for the needs of the breed. His dogs are true athletes and Olivier has understood their nutritional needs in a practical and natural way.
But he could not find the required quality on the French or even European pet food market. Moreover, he was convinced that the quality of the raw materials and the composition rich in animal proteins from different types of meat are essential factors for maintaining good health and achieving the physical goals of his dogs.

The origins of Bon Appétit

That is why, starting in 1995, Olivier decided to produce his own recipes, selecting raw materials, developing high meat content and highly digestible feeds while preserving the health of the pets. This approach was quite innovative for the early 90’s and he was not taken seriously by many feed manufacturers at that time.

After much tenacity, he found the technical partner who would respect his specifications. The first range of feed of his own brand was sold a little less than a year and a half later, at first mainly to breeders and to many private individuals. Very quickly, the success was there, first in Europe, then all over the world.

A level of quality rarely reached

Olivier as a breeder has made a significant mark in the world of Siberian Husky breeders AND in the pet food market: he has combined the two to achieve a level of quality rarely achieved before. He is making a difference with high quality pet foods containing a high percentage of meat based on a philosophy that goes far beyond profit.

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